Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moon, 3:27am

This time, I could leave you. I could be the one to leave you before you do it to me and gut me like a fish. So I did. Let you watch me drive away to another city and study in another school. I turned around once to see the look on your face far off in the distance, your eyes still gazing at me. I was elated. Because for once I believed that I reciprocated the helpless feeling you've given me.

"I'm free now."

Ended up somewhere so foreign. Fell in love with a faceless man, who always seem to be situated opposite of me in the library, painting rooms, labs and even trains that were passing each other. So aesthetically balanced in every environment.. as if Wes Anderson implanted this dream into me. I was so in love and so happy because I know I've succeeded in running away from you. Ah, no more thoughts of you. No more seeing you, hearing you, feeling you on my neck and your arms around me, stroking my hair, outlining my body, brushing against my skin, running your fingers along my back.

I smelled him in the train as I opened my arms to hold him closer. I closed my eyes and a familiar voice emerged through all the noise-

"You really shouldn't be doing that."

I looked up and it was you. I can't even run away from you. Not even in my dreams. I shouted something and woke up.

"But you didn't want me anymore!"


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